On November 18, 2007, the photographic community, San Francisco and the world at large lost an
amazing and talented photographer for whom I had the upmost respect for.  Her name is

Debra McClinton
and a small tribute to her and her life can be seen here
May you Rest In Peace My Friend.
Welcome to the web site for Alexis Neel Fine Art Printing,
 a full service Black and White professional photography  lab.  
To properly view the quality of work we can offer you,
please adjust your brightness and contrast settings so you
can see the break in the highlight and shadow tones,
as indicated by the blue arrows.
After you have finished, please click here for the English Version.
Bienvenue sur le site d'Alexis Neel Fine Art Printing,
Laboratoire Professionnel de tirage Noir et Blanc.
Nous vous proposons de qualibrer votre moniteur selon l'échelle
des noirs et blancs afin d'obtenir la séparation des contrastes
indiquée par les flèches bleues et qui vous permettrons de mieux
juger de la qualité de nos services.
Après avoir terminé, merci de cliquer ici pour la version française.

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